The SGL Muscle Recovery Series

the sgl recovery series

Welcome to The SGL Muscle Recovery Series!

When we workout, whether it’s lifting or endurance training, you’re causing some damage to your muscles. The degree to which you break down your muscles will vary due to age, intensity, type of training, and a number of other factors. No matter the type of program you follow or where you are in your fitness journey, recovery is an important part of the process.

This recovery series is about optimizing that process. Proper recovery requires time, good nutrition, rest, and more. This recovery series will cover those facts, such as post-workout nutrition, sleep, active recovery (like a cool down) and more. In the intro post, we cover just what happens to muscles during a workout and each following article will cover how to repair that damage as efficiently as possible to maximize performance. We also get into post-workout nutrition, cool downs, sleep, and deloading. There’s even more to come!

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