I’ve always been interested in the way other people eat. No, not how they chew their food or whether they prefer their meat rare or well done. I’m talking paleo, keto, vegetarian, pescatarian, raw, etc. There are so many different types of nutritional programs and diets out there now that it can be a bit of a headache trying to keep track of it all. However, when a new study about a particular diet or food comes out, I always have to at least skim through the method and conclusions to see what is found. Lately, I’ve been looking into raw meals. I eat lunch at work, but I am not a big fan of reheating food in a microwave. This limits what I’m able to bring and so usually it’s plain chicken, veggies and lentils/quinoa as I don’t mind eating these cold. Raw recipes have a tendency to use dehydrators, but I don’t have one so here are some super RAWsome recipe ideas I’ve come across that don’t need one.


Raw Breakfast Cookies | Bo + Belle

I love the idea of breakfast cookies, but many contain a lot of added sugar. These raw ones don’t – only 2 tablespoons of coconut sugar. Chances are you can sub this for the sweetener of your choice. Because these are raw, you’re not going to be cooking out any of the “good stuff” in these nutrient-dense ingredients. You’ll get all the benefits blueberries, chia seeds, and cashews provide.

Raw Breakfast Bowl | The Rawtarian

Looking for a fruity and nutty way to start your morning? The Rawtarian has you covered. Apples, nuts, and coconut all contribute to this breakfast bowl that can be made in 4 minutes! A busy schedule is no excuse to not eat a clean diet. Add a bit of cinnamon, some chia seeds, and buckwheat groats (if you want), and you’ll have a tasty and filling breakfast for dining at home or at the office.

Basic Raw Breakfast | SGL

Alright. I am actually contributing here. If you want a quick and easy raw breakfast, combine oats, the milk or nut butter of your choosing, some fruit, nuts and seeds in a bowl and dig in. You can make a chia pudding and add the fruit of your choice as well. Green smoothies, berry smoothies, almost any smoothie can also be considered raw and drunk at breakfast. Check out Sunday Swarm: 7 Green Smoothies for more ideas.


Raw Asian Slaw with Red Chili “Peanut” Dressing | Rawmazing

I love Asian salads, slaws, and even hot cooked meals. This recipe from Rawmazing is super simple and super tasty. Plus, the dressing is low sugar. All that is called for is 1 tablespoon maple syrup, though I’m sure you could sub it for raw honey or other sweetener of your choice. Full of fresh veggies and clean flavors, this is a perfect spring or summer salad to take to work!

Raw Nori Wraps with a Spicy Dipping Sauce | This Rawsome Vegan Life

I love fried egg rolls. Any time I am in a Chinese or Thai restaurant, I want to try their rolls. However, these aren’t exactly the healthiest option on the menu so I sometimes turn to spring rolls. These raw nori wraps are very reminiscent of some of my favorites, except raw and made with a dipping sauce consisting of tahini, miso, and chili for heat. Add in cabbage, cucumber, avocado and other super veggies for healthy lunch on-the-go.

Raw Fabulous Falafel | Earth Sprout

Falafels are not known for being all that healthy. Typically, this type of food comes fried. However, raw falafel can be delicious, just look at this recipe! Mushrooms, carrots, flax flour, and some sundried tomatoes help form the base of each falafel ball. Served with a sweet and tangy sauce, these falafels are guaranteed to be flavorful and filling. Use cabbage, lettuce, or kale as your wrap and toss these in a container for a healthy, easy to eat lunch.


Red Peppers Stuffed with Confetti Guacamole | Choosing Raw

I loooove red peppers. I also adore guacamole. This recipe combines those two things perfectly. Chickpeas are added to make this meal more filling. Served on a bed of kale, you’re also incorporating a super food into this delicious dinner. The best part, you can use this same recipe to stuff zucchinis, lettuce, or another veggie of your choice.

BBQ Corn Salad with Coleslaw | The Raw Chef

While the title includes “salad,” this is not an easy and on-the-go salad like you might think. You’ll make your own BBQ sauce, salad and slaw, serving it up little lettuce leaves if you wish. Tons of fresh veggies, smoky spices, and a touch of sweetness take this salad a long way. Serve it in a bowl at your next potluck or in lettuce wraps for a tasty main course.

Raw Pad Thai | Vegangela

Not I’m not sure exaclty why this is the case so maybe one of you can help me out. Why are a lot of raw main courses Asian-inspired? Not that I am complaining; I’m just curious. Anyway, here is a delicious looking pad thai made with zucchinis, carrots, cauliflower and cabbage. Top your raw pad thai off with a tasty tahini sauce and you’re set for dinner. Get the Thai flavors without the carbs of standard pad thai noodles.


Lavender Lemon Tea Cookies | Rawmazing

Nut flours, lemon, and a bit of vanilla and lavender are the base for these tea cookies. Rolled in neat little balls, I could see myself enjoying a few of these on a gloomy morning with my Earl Grey or Chai tea in hand. Because these are made with nut flours, coconut, and agave, be wary of the fat content. These may be a no-go for those of you on low-fat diets.

Mango Raspberry Tart | Raw Food Recipes

I am not a big fan of the flavor of dates and since they are hard on a processor (and broke one of mine), I’m even less likely to purchase them. However, this tart looks so tasty I may have to reconsider. I also like this recipe because it combines two of my favorite fruits – raspberries and mangos – and it uses less sugar than many others (only ½ c agave!). I would probably add some coconut or raw cacao nibs to the crust too, but that’s just me.

Homemade Superfood Energy Bars | Spirituality & Health

A quick snack for when you’re being a busy bee or perhaps something to nibble post-workout, these raw energy bars are easy to make, package, and tuck into your bag. You’ll need dates, some nuts, seeds, and maca powder to get these lined up just right with the recipe. However, you can mix and match with what you have around if you wanted. Add in the fruit of your choice – I am thinking goji berries – and you’re set with a sweet, superfood snack.

What’s your favorite raw recipe? Share it in the comments!