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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Write Off Yoga

Find out how yoga can benefit your body.

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Did you guys like my thoughts on Idea PTI West? I didn’t include this observation in the post, but I did tweet it out: “A lot of trainers do not practice what they preach. More processed foods and poor health choices than I expected.” If you are one of these trainers who eats processed food, […]

Howdy there! This post is all about the bench press. Right now, bench press may be favorite lift of the big 3 (squat, deadlift, bench). The reason for this is that it is currently my best lift. The fact that I can do pause work at 150 and struggle through a 1RM max at 170 […]

I know, I know. I missed Sunday Swarm. However, I hope you’ll forgive me – I was incredibly busy the past few days! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen a post or two over the past couple days with the hashtag #ideapti. I spent Friday and Saturday at the Idea […]

Happy Friday! Today I am headed to the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ West conference! I am attending 4 sessions today. My two morning sessions are focused on different training programs. The first session of the afternoon is about programming recovery strategies while the final session of my day is all about glute training (hello, […]