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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Write Off Yoga

Find out how yoga can benefit your body.

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Those pumpkin spice protein muffins I made were so tasty, I decided to make more muffins! I used to be semi-allergic to bananas. Biting into one would make my mouth itch and my stomach hurt. A few bites were fine, but any more and the itch would arrive… so, naturally, I stopped eating bananas. The […]

I mentioned on Friday how I just got a Groupon for my favorite yoga studio again. I’m very excited. Because of that, I felt inspired to write a post on why you shouldn’t write off yoga. Yoga can reduce stress, improve balance, reduce anxiety, and improve overall health. These are all major WINS. Here are […]

I’ve talked before about why plyometrics are awesome. Plyometrics can improve your vertical jump, enhance knee joint stability, and improve performance in other forms of athletics. Plyometric training can increase hip and thigh power – two things that powerlifters love for squats and deadlifts. When you’re looking for a way to change up your workouts […]

I’ve been hearing a lot about women tearing others down instead of building them up. To tell you the truth, I am beyond sick of it. Why are we so unable to empower ourselves while empowering others? Seeing posts like this on Instagram or hearing about how someone from the ‘Fashion Police’ made a negative […]