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  • Empty Gym in the Morning

    5+ Reasons Why Morning Workouts Rock

    Do you work out in the mornings, at lunch, or in the evenings? For most of my life, my activity has come in the evenings. Between soccer, track, and rowing, however, I’ve done it all. With one of my gym memberships expiring (one gym is near home, the other near my office) and studying for classes to get me ready for grad program applications, I’ve been considering making a switch to morning lifting workouts, with evenings of cardio and studying – mostly studying, some cardio. I’ll give it a try for a few weeks and see how I like it once that gym membership is up. In my effort to find some motivation for morning workouts, I decided to do some digging into why morning workouts rock. Here is what I found…

  • pushup

    Why I Love the Push-Up and 8+ Variations

    I love push-ups. Do I do them daily? No. Do I do them at least once a week? Sure do! Push-ups are awesome because they require no equipment, are adaptable for anyone – no matter their fitness level – and there are more than a few variations out there to choose from. Because there are so many options and modifications to make a push-up more or less difficult, you could include a new variation every week to work your muscles and body differently. You can focus on mobility, endurance, or power. In this post, I’ll cover reasons why I love the push-up and why you should too, as well as 8+ variations to choose from!

  • track workout

    Sunday Swarm: 10 Track Workouts for Summer

    It’s summer, folks! That means sunshine and great weather for a lot of us. Sun’s out, guns out, amiright? With such great weather during the summer season, take your workout outdoors! Early morning fasted cardio or sunset runs are two of my favorites. If you’re looking for a workout you can take to your nearby track, look no further. There are a ton of ways you can build up your endurance and your fitness level on a track – no equipment needed. Here are 10 track workouts for summer that can help your burn calories, increase your fitness level, and provide you a change of pace from your normal workout routine!

  • Chuck Taylor II

    Alpha Arms Workout + Friday Favorites #41

    I am such a slacker this week. I didn’t get all the posts I wanted to up on the site and didn’t get as much studying done as I would have liked. Boo. However, I was able to focus on some other things (like laundry and errands I have been putting off). This week was an interesting one. I attempted to eat some cheese and realized why I am almost entirely dairy-free. I also realized I cannot keep nut butters in the house AT ALL as I have no self-control with them and many have been giving me stomach issues recently. (Anyone else experienced this?) Enough about my food issues… Let’s get into what I am actually loving this week:

  • weight scale

    Why I Stopped Stepping on a Scale for 10 Days

    After I weighed for myself for a third time in one evening (4th or 5th time that day), I realized I was placing FAR too much emphasis on the scale. This followed a night of 5 single-serving packs of nut butter (delicious from Wild Friends – my fave is cinnamon raisin). I immediately contacted a close friend of mine and had a heart-to-heart. There are some days I would step on the scale and feel good, bad, or indifferent based on whatever 4-digit number flashed on the small, grey screen. That number could make a good day better or a bad day worse. I struggled with a mental battle every. single. time. I stepped on the scale. I want to win that battle. At the end of the day, it is my relationship with myself that matters the most. I decided to step off the scale for 10 days. Here is what happened.